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Ending Your Mentoring Relationship Well
Closure, or ending well and appropriately, is really important in mentoring relationships. If we conclude our season together aware of the ways God has encouraged, challenged and strengthened us, even through stormy times, we can honor one another and God. To the contrary, if we neglect to pay tribute to the experience, if we let the relationship slip silently away, we miss a valuable opportunity to acknowledge and affirm the value of the mentoring experience. . . . keep reading
Disciplines Serve Us
Where does the energy of your life go? To what do you devote your time and attention? Are you trying to perfect your backhand in tennis? Are you hoping to read the complete works of William Shakespeare or of Annie Dillard? Do you want to learn to whip up a mean soufflé? Do you spend hours playing chess or working out in a gym? Do you have endless conversations with your closest friends, always hoping to know them better and to be known yourself in ever deeper ways? Do you have a beauty routine that takes time? . . . keep reading
The Holy Spirit as Librarian
The title introduces an idea I love and live. The Holy Spirit guides me into what I need to read, at just the right time. And I trust the Spirit's suggestions. After all they are tailored to me. How awesome is that? . . . keep reading
A Template for Meaningful Closure
Consider the following thoughts and questions as you contemplate and plan a mentoring session at which to intentionally transition your relationship to whatever is next: . . . keep reading
Spiritual Disciplines: Serving Others
We can easily fall into the error of believing that our spiritual lives are about us. When we are surrendered to Christ and seeking to live our lives in the way He ordains, we can indeed be sure that the "author and perfecter of our faith" is at work. Much of our journey as believers does have to do with our own sanctification, with our process of becoming more and more Christ-like. We need to reflect: for what purpose? To what end? . . . keep reading
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This site looks so great and will be so helpful to me in my ministry in a rural area of North Carolina.  I am grateful for it because it gives me a connection to others whom I feel can challenge, encourage and inspire me. Thank you very much!
Anne C.
Yadkinville, NC 

My heart leaped when I saw the words “Mentoring Community” and “Spiritual Transformation.” The free articles alone provided a wealth of wisdom and encouragement, and made me hungry for more. Becoming a member was a no-brainer. Thank you for providing solid, Biblical equipping...and especially for helping me feel less alone in this high calling!
Sandy Gavin
Rockville, MD

Wow, this website is just what I’ve been searching for! Mentoring women is one of my passions. The tips and articles are so useful and relevant for mentoring women today and are so easy to access. Blessings for creating and sharing your expertise on this beautiful site!
Janice Kelly
Lexington, KY